Nations Roof billing more than quoted; not willing to negotiate

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Company rep quoted $65 per hour for roof repair in Columbus Ohio and said they would send a two man crew for a temporary repair on Saturday.Crew came at 4pm on Monday and did two hours of work.

Roofer explained that the repair would hold until the next big wind and then would probably fail and that we should budget to reroof that section. Bill showed 3.5 hours and roofer explained their time included 1.5 hours driving time to return to base in Dayton Ohio. Materials were charged at $70 so total bill should have been $297.50. Company billed $525 saying that $65 per hour was per crew member.

Since this was a simple misquote which can happen when doing business, and the roof was temporarily repaired, I offered to split the difference with the company by us paying labor for both individuals for three hours with the company picking up the cost for materials and the other hour of labor. (The second crew member did not do any work besides helping to carry the ladder) The billing person became quite abusive telling me that since I own a house I should have known the rate was per person, and that I was accusing them of being dishonest. She explained that they recently had some work done at their facility, and the bill contained many hidden charges, and that they just paid it because "that is how business is done". I don't agree that this is how business is done.

I see the situation as misunderstanding with no bad intention on anyone's part and I'm trying to do the right thing as a customer with a problem by offering to pay more than I was quoted. The company is not doing anything to meet me halfway.

My suggestion for others is to get a written quote detailing exactly whether the repair is permanent or temporary as well as all the charges before having any work done by Nations Roof.

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